1.75 qt Red Button Vintage Creamery Mint Chip ice cream (softened)

    1 package chocolate Graham Crackers

    4 Tbls butter (melted)

    1 cup hot fudge

    Cool Whip for top



1  Place graham crackers in food processor for crust. Once they are chopped up, mix in a bowl with melted butter until completely coated.

2  Put graham cracker mixture into a 9 x 9 (square pan) and press down to make crust.

3  Once your ice cream has softened, pour over the crust and spread evenly. Put in freezer until hard.

4  Remove from freezer and top with fudge. Spread evenly and place back in freezer.

Once all has hardened, remove from freezer and top with Cool Whip. Put back in freezer and let harden.