Introducing Red Button Vintage Creamery Pies

At Red Button Vintage Creamery, creating authentic, traditional desserts is our newest specialty. Our pies have the perfect balance of Grade A fruit, fine flour, creamery butter, all-natural sugar and other quality ingredients from the best sources. Crusts in many of the pies include subtle flavors like almond and vanilla for a unique taste every time. Plus, we intentionally use a slower baking process, including hand-laid lattice tops, to ensure you enjoy a home-style pie straight from your oven.

Red Button Vintage Creamery pies are a whopping 12 inches wide (other pies are typically 9 inches) and weigh four pounds making them perfect for family gatherings. Red Button Vintage Creamery pies will bake perfectly in under an hour. 

Cherry Almond Vanilla slice 800.jpg

Cherry Almond Pralines Lattice

Sea Salt Caramel Apple 800.jpg

Sea Salt Caramel Crumb and Lattice

Peaches and Blueberries slice 800.jpg

Peach Blueberry Lattice

RBPieAppleCranberry 800.jpg

Apple Cranberry

RBPumpkinPie 800.jpg

Pumpkin Pie

Dutch Apple 800.jpg

Apple Crumb

Dazzelberry Slice 800.jpg


Upside Down Pineapple slice_800.jpg

Pineapple Upside Down Lattice